The YPAA groups of central Alabama are putting together your next ALCYPAA conference. You don't want to miss this! #sparks

meetings . meetings . meetings

From the opening meeting to the closing speaker,
in marathon meetings and workshops all weekend,
you'll hear and get to share the message of hope!

register . today

Pre-registration is open. Register now while it's still a mere $15.
While you're at it, throw a couple scholarships in the pot for the next guy or gal!

simple . personal . spiritual

"Everyday, somewhere in the world,
recovery begins when one alcoholic talks to another alcoholic,
sharing experience, strength, and hope."

Upcoming Events

In order to make ALCYPAA VIII possible, we will be hosting events throughout the state where the 7th Tradition basket will be passed for those wishing to contribute.
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Upcoming Outreach Activity

Our Outreach Team will be at these other A.A. conferences and events. We hope to see you there!
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