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The Alabama Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (ALCYPAA) exists to carry the message of A.A. through speaker meetings, workshops, fellowship activities, and an annual state-wide conference. All of these events attract alcoholics of all ages to all three of our legacies: unity, service, and recovery. The committee structure mirrored in ALCYPAA offers an opportunity for anyone seeking recovery to explore the action of service through A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service.

The theme for ALCYPAA ’24 is “Shoulder to shoulder.” Stay tuned for more conference details!

If you’ve never been to a YPAA before, hold on to your seat! We’ll be interrupting the readers yelling out random stuff and who knows what else. We mean no disrespect, it’s just that we absolutely insist on enjoying life AND we take Rule 62 TOO DAMNED SERIOUSLY!

When is this going down?

November 22-24, 2024

This year’s ALCYPAA will be held the weekend before Thanksgiving! Come relax and get spiritual before having to spend time with the fam!

From our trusted servants…“Think of this as the most spiritual glamping trip you will take.”

Where is this going down?

Kick Back Ranch

Kick Back Ranch is in beautiful Ramer, Alabama, just 20 minutes south of Montgomery.

Register Now!

If you haven't registered...or if you need to add meal tickets...head on over to registration. Registration goes up July 8 - right after ICYPAA!

What we gonna eat?

Meal Tickets

Meal tickets are available for home-cooked food all weekend. If you eat food, we highly recommend you pick some up unless you’re bringing sammiches.

We also have access to grills and campfires for hot dogs, hamburgers, s’mores, etc. Monters and such will be available in hospitality…and we’re hoping some of you will sign up to serve lunch and snacks.

Note: meal ticket sales will end 2 weeks before the event and will NOT be available onsite. Sorry…them’s the rules.

If you want meal tickets and have already registered, go back and “register” again, but pick “already registered” as your registration type. Yeah…lot of register.

What should I pack?

It's November In Alabama

Be prepared for ANYTHING! Jeans, shorts, boots, tennis shoes, bathing suits, onesies, rain jacket, down jacket, socks and underwear (optional). But don’t worry…if you forget anything we will have plenty of merch for y’all to check out.

All event spaces are enclosed, as are the cabins and suites. They’re even heated and air conditioned…we may be rural but we ain’t heathens. But if we fill up the cabins and suites, we’ll have the whole park to ourselves – so come prepared for outdoor fun and excitement. 

Where will I sleep?

So many options…

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